The Battleship Texas

Come visit the battleship USS TEXAS - BB35, located on the San Jacinto Battleground, where the State of Texas won her independence, just minutes from Downtown Houston, Texas.

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America was becoming a world power when TEXAS was authorized on 24 June 1910, almost 100 years ago. This coming of age included the US Navy transitioning from coastal defense to an ocean going fleet.

As a US Navy ship from 1914 to 1948, BB35 sailed 728,000 miles ranging north to Iceland, south to Chile, east to Italy and west to the Philippines. Crossed the Panama Canal 16 times.

The ship's longevity gives BB35 an extensive and diverse operational history. Only ARKANSAS has a longer operational history of the 57 commissioned US battleships. BB35 is the only surviving USN vessel that fought in WWI and WWII. In WWII, TEXAS was the only US battleship to see combat in Europe, Africa and the Pacific. TEXAS was also a test ship for naval aviation, in 1919 and radar, in 1939. The ship's last operational mission returned 4,267 troops from the Pacific to California in time for Christmas - 1945.

The ship's 34 years and 6 weeks as a United States Navy vessel reflects changes of technology and new ideas.Battleship Texas There were seventeen different gun configurations (type, quantity and-or location) with most to counteract improvements to air attack. Energy creation is reflected in the change from coal to fuel oil in 1925, During World War II electronics were installed - LORAN, degaussing, and several radars; air, surface and gunfire control. But new additions to old technology could not keep up with new developments rendering TEXAS obsolete by the end of World War II.

On the other hand, much of TEXAS is still the same today as it was in 1914. The Engine Rooms, Turrets, Steering Room, and Ice Machine Room are virtually time capsules. Officer Staterooms on 2nd deck have the same 1914 berths, wardrobes, chiffoniers, etc.

Please, come visit the TEXAS, walk on the deck of the last of the great Dreadnoughts, nearly one hundred years old. Walk under the massive 14" guns, climb on and maneuver the anti-aircraft guns, see the restored areas of the ship - the living quarters, the mess areas, post office, radio room, bridge, officers country, engine rooms and more.



Overnight Education Programs

Did you know you and your family could spend the night on the Battleship TEXAS?

All year long, the Battleship TEXAS Foundation offers overnight education programs, but they involve a lot more than just sleeping over in century-old vessel.

According to Bruce Bramlett, Executive Director of the Battleship Texas Foundation, participants in the overnight programs get exclusive access to parts of the ship not seen by normal visitors, as well as the chance to take part in special programming.

"We want to encourage not only visitors to southeast Texas but also area residents to come take part in our overnight education events," Bramlett said. "Aboard the Battleship TEXAS, you'll get to take a night tour of the lower decks, go on an informational scavenger hunt, and sleep where the actual sailors who lived on her bunked down for the night.

"These programs are offered year-round, so make sure to plan a visit!"

From October to May, overnight program admission is $42 per person, and the cost is only $32 per person between June and September. For more information, visit